Selected Publications

 Vladimir Ponczek and André Portela Souza (with P. LouzanoMaria Carolina Leme

Economics of Education Review

Cristine Pinto (with Daniel Egel and Bryan Graham) 

Review of Economic Studies

Marcelo Fernandes (with V. Corradi and W. Distaso)

Journal of Econometrics

Victor Filipe Martins-da-Rocha (with Y. Vailakis)

Journal of Mathematical Economics

Victor Filipe Martins-da-Rocha (with Y. Vailakis)

Games and Economic Behavior

Márcio Holland (with F. VIEIRA and M. Resende)

Journal of International Money and Finance

Emanuel Ornelas (with John Turner)

Economic Journal

Emanuel Ornelas (with Facundo Albornoz, Hector Calvo-Pardo and Gregory Corcos)

Journal of International Economics

Luis Araujo and Braz Camargo (with Raoul Minetti and Daniela Puzzello)

Journal of Monetary Economic

Vladimir Ponczek

Journal of Development Economics

André Portela Souza (with Patrick M. Emerson)

Economic Development and Cultural Change

Vladimir Ponczek (with Fernando Botelho) 

Economic Development and Cultural Change

Vladimir Ponczek (with Maúna Baldini) 

Economics of Education Review

 P. L. VALLS PEREIRA (with E. F. Marçal, D. M. L. Martin & W. T. Nakamura)


Applied Economics

Luis Araújo (with Raoul Minetti)

European Economic Review

Luis Araujo (with Rauol Minetti)

International Economic Review

Bernardo Guimarães (with Kevin Sheedy)

American Economic Review

Bernardo Guimarães

Review of Economic Dynamics

Tiago Vanderlei De Vasconcelos Cavalcanti ( with J. Tavares)

Economic Inquiry