Selected Publications

Bernardo de Vasconcellos Guimarães (with Kevin D. Sheedy)

The Economic Journal

Emanuel Ornelas and Luis Araujo (with Giordano Mion) 

Journal of International Economics

Bernardo de Vasconcellos Guimarães (with Ana Elisa Pereira)

Joao Paulo Cordeiro N. Pessoa (with Francisco Costa and Jason Garred)

Journal of International Economics

Rodrigo R.Soares (with Gary S. Becker)

Journal of Demographic Economics

V. Ponczek and Sergio Firpo (with V. Sanfelice) 

Journal of Development Economics

Emanuel Ornelas (with Daniel Ferreira and John Turner) 

Journal of Economics & Management Strategy

Rodrigo R. Soares (with R. Rocha)

Journal of Development Economics

Sergio Firpo and Cristine Pinto ( with Hugo Jales) 

Applied Economics

Marcelo Fernandes (with Marcelo Medeiros and Alvaro Veiga)

Forthcoming in Econometric Reviews

Braz Camargo with Luis Araujo

Journal of Mathematical Economics
The Value of Commitment under Uncertainty

Braz Camargo (with E. Pastorino) 

Journal of Labor Economics

Marcelo Fernandes (with Marcelo Medeiros and Marcel Scharth)

Journal of Banking and Finance

Pedro L. Valls Pereira (with R.Chicaroli)

Journal of Forecasting

Klenio Barbosa (with B. Rocha and F. Salazar)

Journal of Banking & Finance

Luis Araujo and Bernardo Guimaraes.


Journal of Economic Theory

Luis Araujo and Braz Camargo

Journal of Mathematical Economics

Bernardo Guimarães (with Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves) 

Journal of International Economics