Ribas Magalhães, Paula Karine

Ribas Magalhães, Paula Karine

Research Interest: 

Political Economy
Fiscal Policy
Public Goods
Public Policy Designs and Evaluation

More information: 

Mini-Bio: Undergraduate from FEA-USP. MSc graduate from EESP-FGV under supervisor Bernardo Guimarães, completed in 2017. Began doctorate program at EESP in 2020. Also works as chief economist at ACPastore Consultores & Associados consultancy.

Research interests: Political Economy, Fiscal Policy, Public Goods, Public Policy Designs and Evaluation

Supervisor: Tiago Cavalcanti

Teaching: TA for undergraduate and graduate courses (MSc and MBA) in Economics. Courses: Econometrics, Economic Growth, Macroeconomics, Mathematics, Microeconomics and Statistics.

Publications: MSc thesis: "IMF Seniority as a Compromise for affordable debt", 2017

Scholarships: CNPq (2015-2017)