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Upcoming events

  • Seminar - Wealth and Consumption Variability: Insights from the National Balance Sheet for the United States, 1896 to 2013".
    Felipe Schwartzman - Richmond Fed
    September 25, 2017
    4:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Seminar - General tests for nonlinear restrictions under local misspeci cation
    Gabriel Montes-Rojas - UBA
    September 27, 2017
    4:00pm to 6:00pm

Department Highlights

  • The Master’s and Ph.D. Academic Program in Economics from Sao Paulo School of Economics at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV/EESP) congratulates professor Pedro L. Valls Pereira, Vanesa Sulzbach and João Mergulhão for the award of "Revista Brasileira de Finanças” for their work on The Informational Content of Trades on Foreign Exchange Futures: an Application to the Brazilian Market . The award will be delivered on July 20 th, 2017 at the Brazilian Finance Meeting.

PHD.Program in detail

The Sao Paulo School of Economics - FGV is one of the leading economics departments in Latin America. Currently, the school has more than 20 full-time professors, all of which are actively involved in academic research. The research conducted at the school covers a broad range of topics, including: Macroeconomics; Public Finance; International Economics; Microeconomics; Econometrics; Industrial Organization; Labor Economics; and Finance.

Our faculty has published extensively and in some of the most important journals in the profession and  have also received many grants and awards, and either serve or have served as members of the editorial boards of a number of highly respected academic journals.

Our Ph.D. Program prepares students of high promise for productive and stimulating careers in academia, the government, and the private sector. Courses and seminars offered by the department foster an intellectually active and stimulating environment.