Ph.D. - University of Illinois

Research Areas: 

  • Development
  • Economic Growth
  • Macroeconomics


Selected publications: 

Growth and Human Capital: A Network Approach (with C. Giannitsarou), Economic Journal, 127, 1279-1317 (2017). 

The Output Cost of Gender Discrimination: A Model-Based Macroeconomic Estimate (with J. Tavares), Economic Journal, 126, 109-134 (2016). 

The Welfare Gains of Financial Liberalization: Capital Accumulation and Heterogeneity, Journal of the European Economic Association, 11, 1348-1381 (2013).

The Effect of Financial Repression and Enforcement on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (with A. Antunes and A. Villamil), Journal of Monetary Economics, 55, 278-297 (2008).