Full Professor in economics - University of São Paulo

Research Areas: 

  • Development Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Stabilization Policies


Selected publications: 

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira is emeritus professor of Getulio Vargas Foundation where he teaches and researches since 1959. His PhD and Livre Docencia in economics are by the University of São Paulo. He is doctor honoris causa by the University of Buenos Aires, and received the James Street Scholar 2012 from the Association for Evolutionary Economics – AFEE. He was finance minister (1987) and minister of federal administration (1995-98) of Brazil. Among his books in English: The Theory of Inertial Inflation (1987), Democracy and Public Management Reform (2004) and Globalization and Competition (2010). Among his papers: "Economic reforms and cycles of state intervention” (1993)) "The Dutch disease and its neutralization: a Ricardian Approach" (2008), "The two methods and the hard core of economics" (2009), and “The global financial crisis, neoclassical economics, and the neoliberal years of capitalism” (2010). His current research is on new developmentalism and developmental macroeconomics and on an encompassing interpretation of Brazil.