Ph.D. - Cornell University

Research Areas: 

  • Applied Microeconomics


Selected publications: 

Lighting and Homicides: Evaluating the Effect of an Electrification Policy in Rural Brazil on Violent Crime Reduction (with P. Arvate, F. Falsete, and F. Garcia), Journal of Quantitative Criminology, forthcoming.

New Evidence of the Causal Effect of Family Size on Child Quality in a Developing Country (with V. Ponczek), Journal of Human Resources, 47, 64-106 (2012).

The Impact of Structured Teaching Methods on the Quality of Education in Brazil (with M.C. Leme, P. Louzano and V. Ponczek), Economics of Education Review, 31, 850-860 (2012).

Is Child Labor Harmful? The Impact of Working Earlier in Life on Adult Earnings (P. Emerson), Economic Development and Cultural Change, 59, 345-386 (2011).