MONTE, Daniel


PhD in Economics - Yale University

Research Areas: 

  • Applied Theory
  • Game Theory
  • Matching



I have graduated in economics at University of Sao Paulo in Dec 2000 and received my PhD in economics at Yale University in June 2007. I worked as an Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, from Sept 2007 to Aug 2011. I also worked at Aarhus University, Denmark from Aug 2010 to Dec 2011. I am currently an Associate Professor at Sao Paulo School of Economics – FGV, and I am a research partner at CFEM (Center for Research in the Foundations of Electronic Markets, Aarhus Denmark). My primary research interests are in microeconomic theory and game theory. Specifically, I have worked with models of bounded rationality, reputation and market design. However, I have broader interests in applied theory and models of credibility, cognitive constraints, and behavioral aspects of decision making and strategic interactions. More recently, I have been actively involved in several projects related to dynamic matching and market design.